Living for Now

Nunc is Latin for “now”.
Taking a moment each day to pause and connect with the present is vital for mental and physical well-being. We created Nunc to be the perfect accompaniment for those mindful moments.

Nunc’s story began in 2018, when we made the decision to live more in the present. At the same time, we had an abundance of honey (from the bee hives we care for) and were disappointed with the non-alcoholic and healthy offerings available in pubs and restaurants. After months of searching, we discovered a rare fermentation called Jun. Hundreds of litres of brews and multiple experiments later, Nunc was born – a healthy non-alcoholic drink handcrafted with green tea, raw honey and botanicals.

Born from a passion to appreciate life

How we brew Nunc

We brew our Jun-Kombucha using traditional methods, though we have also adopted various brewing techniques common to winemaking and beer brewing. These techniques allow us to control the alcohol levels and to minimise the differences in taste between batches, though every batch is still unique (as you would expect from a living drink).

We carefully select the green tea to compliment the flavours of the raw honey, creating a delicious foundation for our drinks.

We don’t want this to be complicated:

  • We’re passionate about bees and the environment. Everybody should be doing their bit to save the planet which is why we use cans and not bottles
  • We will only use real and natural flavours. No added sugars, chemicals and nothing artificial. The only sugars in Nunc comes from the raw honey we use during the fermentation process.

Our Ethos