Living for Now

Nunc is Latin for “now”.
Taking a moment each day to pause and connect with the present is vital for mental and physical well-being. We created Nunc to be the perfect accompaniment for those mindful moments.

Our founders were bored with the drinks available in pubs and restaurants (especially if you didn’t want to drink alcohol) and they were dismayed at the lack of transparency in drinks – hidden ingredients, artificial flavours, colourings, extracts, chemicals – nothing natural. After months of searching, they discovered Jun-Kombucha (Kombucha but fermented with honey). Hundreds of litres of brews later, Nunc was born – a tasty and refreshing non-alcoholic drink that happens to be good for you.

Born from a passion to appreciate life

How we brew Nunc

We brew our Jun-Kombucha using traditional methods, though we have also adopted various brewing techniques common to winemaking and beer brewing. These techniques allow us to control the alcohol levels and to minimise the differences in taste between batches, though every batch is still unique (as you would expect from a handcrafted drink).

We don’t want this to be complicated:

  • We’re passionate about bees and the environment. Everybody should be doing their bit to save the planet.
  • Our drinks are 100% natural. No added sugars, chemicals, extracts and nothing artificial. 
  • We believe in transparency. What’s on the can is in the can, nothing hidden.

Our Ethos