Our Rose Blush wins a Great Taste Award in 2021

Nunc’s Rose Blush flavour is awarded a star in the 2021 Great Taste Awards. The judges had this to say: “A very well balanced kombucha, with each individual flavour discernible across the palate. This is a beautiful rosé wine colour – what a lovely non-alcoholic alternative. The aromas on the nose are a journey before you even taste this drink: red berry, hibiscus and notes of fermentation. This feels like a very grown up soft drink..”

Is Nunc Paleo?

The Paleo diet is also known as the Caveman diet

We have been asked on several occasions whether Nunc is suitable for the Paleo diet? So, we thought we would put our answer onto paper (so to speak). First, a quick summary of what is the Paleo diet. Put simply, people on the Paleo diet limit themselves to only eating food and drink that would […]

Nunc wants to spread the word to help save the BEES

Bee numbers are declining and they need our help

We are massive fans of the honey bee (and honey is the main ingredient in delicious Nunc). Bees are so massively important to the environment and, sadly, bees are in serious trouble – their numbers are dwindling.

The biggest cause of the bee decline is the increased use of pesticide, however other threats including habitat loss, climate change, pests, disease and invasive species.

Is Nunc organic?

Nunc will soon be classified as organic

Unfortunately, according to the UK Soil Association, to be certified organic 95% of the ingredients in our brews need to be organic – and guess what? The raw honey we use accounts for about 6%. So close. The simple solution would be to reduce the amount of honey in our brews, after all who will miss 1%? You will.

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