Creating our first seasonal flavour for Summer – Mango Buzz

As Summer draws to a close we have time to reflect on one of our big achievements of the Summer – producing our first seasonal flavour.

When starting Nunc we made several conscious decisions to ensure the business headed in the direction we wanted to take the business, one of those decisions was to control every step of the process, not to outsource any part to a 3rd party. Apart from the obvious – nobody is as passionate about Nunc as we are, so it stands to reason that no one will treat our drink with as much love and attention it deserves. Another reason though, was by doing so it allowed us the flexibility to make small batches (as small as 10L in some cases) so we could experiment with new flavours and produce seasonal and one-off flavours.

Mango Buzz is Nunc's first seasonal Kombucha flavour

The first such example was Mango Buzz. On the success of Mango Buzz we decided to push our creativity further and we produced two limited edition chilli flavoured booches for the Waddesdon Chilli Fest.

Before launching Nunc we spent close to two years creating our core flavours, at the time it was a hobby consuming our spare time. We knew we wanted to do something commercial with our drinks but we didn’t exactly know what, but regardless we knew we had to have flavours people loved.

Two years later, around a hundred iterations, and hundreds of litres of fermentation (back in those days we were brewing in 10 litre batches), we were happy with the recipes. And as luck would have it, the circumstances were right for us to launch Nunc as a commercial business – of course, we didn’t count on the first lock down happening 2 weeks after our launch (but that’s another story).

When we decided it was time to create our first seasonal flavour we followed the same approach, however as we now brew in much larger batches (and we’re now full time on Nunc) it meant we could develop the new recipe much faster.

It ended up taking us three months to perfect our Mango Buzz recipe, but this doesn’t tell the whole story. We actually started the recipe development on our Summer flavour 12 months before. We spent 12 months trying all sorts of ingredients, and in some cases ended up developing some recipes a dozen times before discarding them for one reason or another. It took us 12 months to agree on the right ingredients – and in the case of Mango Buzz, it ended up being two recipes we had been working on combined. Once we had decided on the ingredients we then spent three months perfecting the quantity of the ingredients (towards the end of this process we found ourselves adjusting quantities by 0.1g until we were happy – it’s incredible the difference 0.1g can make).

We started developing our Winter flavour before Mango Buzz even came out (and stay tuned, our Winter flavour is coming soon) and we have already stated on our Spring 2022 flavour.

Most of the recipes we try won’t see the light of day, but every recipe we try informs us, we learn a little more about what is and isn’t possible with Jun, and the impact on the flavours of different ingredients. We’re not designing drinks to be 2 dimensional, we’re looking for a full flavour experience, we want the upfront taste, the underlying taste, the surprise, hidden flavour, and the lingering taste on your tongue. Everything needs to be in balance, and this takes time.

We hope you enjoy Mango Buzz.

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