Here are some of the questions we are commonly asked, but if you have a question that is not answered below and you would like it answered then please contact us.


What is Jun-Kombucha?

A rare cousin of Kombucha, our Jun is a hand-crafted fermented drink, made with the finest green teas and raw honey.

Jun is a healthy drink packed full of prebiotics, probiotics, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and much more. It has a lighter, smoother taste without the vinegar tones that are present in Kombucha. As it has been fermented with honey, it is both prebiotic AND probiotic (unlike kombucha). Probiotics introduce good bacteria to your gut, vital for your gut health, and prebiotics are the fuel probiotics need to do their job. In essence, Jun contains double the benefits of kombucha.

What does “RAW” mean?

Raw means it hasn’t been pasteurised (pasteurisation is when a liquid or food is heated to a point where bacteria is killed).

We do not use pasteurisation to ensure our Jun is packed full of live cultures, with all the good bacteria, and to protect all the goodness inside our raw honey we ensure our drinks never exceed bee hive temperature.

Is Nunc organic?

Because we use raw honey from local bees we cannot stop the bees from roaming where they like to gather their nectar, pollen and water, and therefore their honey is not organic. We could purchase organic honey from overseas, but we passionately believe the UK makes some of the best honey in the world (and we don’t think purchasing from overseas is sustainable or sensible).

Apart from the honey, we use organic ingredients whenever possible. For a few ingredients, the organic equivalent ingredient is inferior in taste to what we use (and we are not willing to sacrifice taste), however we are always searching for the organic equivalent that is equal if not superior in taste to what we use.

Do you use genetically modified ingredients?

We never use GM (genetically modified) ingredients.

Does Nunc contain caffeine?

A tiny amount, as most of the caffeine has been naturally removed during the fermentation process.

Unfermented Green tea is naturally lower in caffeine than black tea or coffee. As way of illustration, green tea contains about 35 mg of caffeine per 230ml cup, compared with 39–109 mg for the same serving of black tea, and 95mg in the same serving of coffee (though depending on the coffee drink it can be as high as 500mg). Even decaffeinated coffee contains about 3mg of caffeine.

How many cans of Nunc can I drink each day?

The short and annoying answer is “it depends”. There are so many things that need to be taken into account and only you know your body health.

However, if you’re new to Jun or Kombucha then we recommend you start with one per day and make sure you drink an equal amount water (though we should all drink much more water every day). How do you feel the next day? If you feel good then drink more.

We at Nunc drink 2-4 cans a day.

Does Nunc contain alcohol?

All of our drinks are classified as non-alcoholic.

As Jun is a fermented beverage, a trace amount of alcohol is produced during the natural fermentation process. We thoroughly test each and every batch to ensure the alcohol level never exceeds 0.5% as per government regulations for non-alcoholic drinks.

Does Nunc contain gluten?

No. Our factory and drinks are 100% free from gluten. None of our ingredients have fillers or binders. What you see on the label is exactly what’s inside a can of Nunc.

Can I drink Nunc when pregnant?

If you are pregnant and feel like a can of Jun then we recommend you seek advice from your GP before you do.

Please note: We do not recommend pregnant women consume our Hops Monster Nunc, because of the phytoestrogens contained in hops. Again, we are not doctors so please seek advice from your GP.

Is Nunc Vegan?

This depends on personal preferences. Some vegans will not consume honey, and honey is the cornerstone of our drink.

The raw, unfiltered honey we use comes from local bees (we only use honey that comes from bee hives no more than 5 miles from where we brew, and we prefer to use honey from hobbyist bee keepers). We believe raw, unfiltered honey, responsibly and sustainably sourced, is not only great for your health but it is important for the survival of bees. The more people caring for bees the greater their chance of survival – and the world needs bees.

What is the best way to enjoy Nunc?

Our Jun is best served chilled, and we believe it is even more special on ice. It also tastes great used in smoothies, cocktails and mocktails.

Can children drink Nunc?

Yes, we believe so, however we recommend for young children you dilute Jun and start them on half a can. The children of Nunc’s founders love a can of Nunc with their dinner (Juni-Purr being their favourite).

Customer Service

How should I store Nunc when it arrives?

Nunc does not need to be stored in a fridge, but we recommend it. If it can’t all be stored in a fridge, then store it in the coldest part of your house (a cellar, garage, etc).

I have ordered Nunc from your website, how long until it arrives?

As soon as possible. We will dispatch your order the next day when possible (though we won’t dispatch on a Friday or the weekend due to the extended delivery time) on a next day delivery basis.  

Do you dispatch to my country?

At this stage, we only ship to the UK.

I received my shipment but it arrived damaged.

We’re sorry to hear this. Please email us at and we will do our best to resolve this ASAP.

Where is my order?

If you have not received your order as expected, then please contact us at  and we will do our best to resolve this ASAP.

We would like to stock Nunc.

Fantastic! You have made our day, and you won’t be disappointed. Please email us at and we will get back in touch ASAP.