Everything we do starts with the honey

It’s all about the honey

When we started Nunc we used our own honey so we knew exactly how the bees had been treated, the quality of the honey and you couldn’t beat the food miles – a mere 100 metres from our fermentery. As we have grown we have had to source honey from other beekeepers, however our ethos has not changed. Food miles and the welfare of the bees remain important, so we only use honey that comes from a 5 mile radius of our fermentery, and where possible we still only use honey from other hobbyist bee keepers. And it is imperative we know the bees are kept to a high standard.

Honey is a precious ingredient in Jun which we always treat with care. For example, we make sure the temperature of the honey never exceeds bee hive temperature (35C), otherwise the goodness in the honey starts to diminish, which is why our SCOBYs thrive on raw honey. We never use store bought honey as most likely it has been pasteurise (which kills all the goodness in the honey).

Honey through the Ages

Bees have been around for a very long time. Fossils of honey bees have been found dating back 150 million years, cave paintings in Spain from 7000BC show the earliest records of beekeeping, and the earliest record of keeping bees in hives was found in the sun temple erected in 2400BC near Cairo in Egypt.

Hieroglyphs of Bee Hives have been found in Ancient tombs in Egypt

Taste of Honey

Every batch of Nunc is unique, whilst we go to great efforts to minimise the differences between batches there will always be differences. This isn’t such a surprise given Nunc is a living drink, but the honey also makes a difference.

Honey tastes completely different as it depends on what flowers the bees have been visiting. If we used honey from Spring for one batch and honey from late Summer on another batch, the two batches would taste very different. Our brewing techniques will minimise the difference in taste from batch to batch, but there will always be differences.

We love the changing taste of honey, so for our limited edition drinks we always use our own honey, and for a select few we carefully select honey from a single hive at a particular time of year (it all depends on the flavour we’re after).


Honey from Nunc's own bees. Some of this will find its way into our healthy drink

What makes Jun different?

Jun is a rare cousin of Kombucha made by fermenting green tea and raw honey with a SCOBY. Whilst the Jun SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast) and Kombucha SCOBY look similar they are very different. The Jun SCOBY feeds on the sugars in honey and thrives amongst the bacteria, yeast, prebiotics, probiotics and organisms found in honey. It is possible to use honey when fermenting Kombucha but the taste will be completely different. The end result of fermenting Jun is a delicious and healthy drink that contains prebiotics, probiotics and amino acids, with a light and smooth taste without the vinegar bite common to Kombucha.

Apart from the filtered water we use, honey is the major ingredient in Nunc. It provides nutrition for the SCOBY during the fermentation process and its taste is at the core of Nunc.