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Is Kombucha Halal?

Kombucha has been gaining popularity lately, but if you're a Muslim, you might be wondering if it's halal. The good news is that Muslims consider kombucha halal, even though it contains a small amount of alcohol. You might be surprised to hear that even a very small amount of alcohol is not haram. So, why is kombucha halal?

The fermentation process used to make kombucha creates alcohol as a by-product. However, the amount of alcohol produced is so small that it wouldn't make you intoxicated. In fact, kombucha is considered a non-alcoholic drink because it contains less than 0.5% alcohol by volume. So, while kombucha does contain alcohol, the amount is negligible.

But how does the fermentation process used to make kombucha differ from the process used to make alcoholic drinks? Fermentation is a chemical process that has been around for over 10,000 years. It breaks down sugars and produces carbon dioxide and ethanol as by-products. The same process is used to make kombucha and alcoholic drinks, but the alcohol content differs because of the type and amount of sugar used (for example, grapes contain more sugar, which results in a higher level of alcohol).

Most fermented foods and drinks, like yoghurt and pickles, are halal because they contain only trace amounts of ethanol. However, homemade kombucha is not recommended because the alcohol content can be higher than store-bought kombucha.

You also need to be aware that alcohol content does vary from Kombucha brand to brand, so it's best to check the alcohol content before buying. In addition, pay attention to the ingredients, some Kombucha brands will use extracts (typically produced by extracting the flavour of ingredients using alcohol), juices or ingredients that may have been made using non-halal equipment. Nunc only uses natural botanicals - what’s on the label is in the can. 

In conclusion, kombucha is halal because it's not intoxicating, and it's a healthy and delicious drink that you can enjoy without any worries.

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