Even natural flavourings are made with 90% chemicals, so if you are going to drink make it as good for you as possible. Nunc Jun-Kombucha is packed full of beneficial acids, antioxidants, enzymes and more

Whilst seeking to live healthier lives the founders of Nunc, Andrew and Diana, were shocked at how much chemical processing and additives go into adult drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. They started researching how they could create better drink options.

They started by combining honey from their own beehives, a love of botanicals and green tea, with the natural process of brewing and created the perfect starting point.

Thousands of brews later, they knew they could use their previous business experience to launch nunc

Nunc was born, with the single aim of brewing all-natural, refreshing and uplifting drinks for the healthiest you.⁠ No chemicals, flavourings, extracts or anything artificial goes into nunc, just all natural ingredients.


We brew all-natural drinks for a healthier you