Throughout history, music has been a source of celebration, joy, sadness and more. Listening to music conjures memories of many life events, from your first kiss to good times with family and friends. We believe, much like food and drink pairing, playing the right music makes what you drink taste better.

We’ve enlisted the help of our ambassadors and fans of nunc to bring you some killer playlists (and some that are just special to us).

Nothing screams refreshing nunc like dance music. Pair nunc with some great tunes, fresh from Ibiza.

IBIZA 2023

When it comes to dance music, the spiritual home has to be Ibiza, so we thought we should find out what tunes are hot in the clubs over there. We were going to do a Google search, but then one of our ambassadors volunteered to pop across to find out personally (should we believe him when he says he took no pleasure from the experience?).

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