“Bright and effervescent in the glass. The aroma is hugely inviting… Bright and clean on the palate… The finish is clean, with some lengths of soft sourness, and inspires further sipping.”

Great Taste Award Judge / Hops Monster Flavour

“A very well balanced kombucha, with each individual flavour discernible across the palate.”

Great Taste Award Judge / Rose Blush Flavour

“What a lovely non-alcoholic alternative. The aromas on the nose are a journey before you even taste this drink: red berry, hibiscus and notes of fermentation. This feels like a very grown up soft drink.”

Great Taste Award Judge / Rose Blush Flavour

Our Awards

Nunc’s Jun-Kombucha is awarded a one star Great Taste Award by the Guild of Fine Foods

Great Taste Awards 2020

Awarded to Hops Monster

Our Awards

Great Taste Award for 2021 awarded to Rose Blush

Great Taste Awards 2021

Awarded to Rose Blush