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12 Can Subscription Box of Jun Kombucha

12 Can Subscription Box of Jun Kombucha

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Hate running out of your Nunc and yearning for more? Get your favourite Nunc flavours delivered to your door at your convenience, thanks to our very own subscription service.

We truly appreciate every purchase of Nunc, but none more so than our subscribers - to us, you're part of the Nunc family. With this package, every fortnight or month, you will receive 12 cans of insanely refreshing Nunc (and you can drop us an email letting us know what flavours you want delivered).

We enjoy working on new flavours, and it's our subscribers who get to try them first. Occasionally we will include a can of a new, experimental flavour in your subscription box (i.e. 11 normal flavours + 1 new flavour), otherwise you will receive 12 cans of refreshing Nunc.

Subscription products can be amended from your account at any time! If you want to skip a month you can do so through the subscriber portal. Want to cancel your subscription, it's easy to do. If you want particular flavours in your subscription box, just send us an email. We want this service to be as easy as possible for you.

Please note, discount codes are not valid on subscription products, and the subscription price includes delivery.

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