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Is Nunc Paleo?

We have been asked on several occasions whether Nunc is suitable for the Paleo diet? So, we thought we would put our answer onto paper (so to speak).

First, a quick summary of what is the Paleo diet.

Put simply, people on the Paleo diet limit themselves to only eating food and drink that would have been obtained by hunting and gathering during the Paleolithic era (cavemen days), which dates from approximately 2.5 million to 10,000 years ago. Such foods include dairy products, legumes and grains (if you are interested you can read more about the diet here in an article by the Mayo Clinic).


Would soft drinks like sodas, Coca Cola, etc be considered Paleo? Definitely not (is there anything natural in those drinks?). What if my drink contains chemicals, is it Paleo? Nope. Is tea Paleo? As long as it is herbal or green – but definitely not black tea. Is water Paleo? Yep, it’s been around much longer than cavemen. Is sugar Paleo? Afraid not. Sugar is the result of a manufacturing process (even cane sugar) and such techniques were definitely not available to hunters and gatherers. What sugars would be considered Paleo? Coconut sugar and raw honey.


Afraid not. You could bend the rules (understandable as Kombucha is great for you), as it is only the ingredients sugar and black tea that falls foul of the interpretation of what is Paleo (though that is two of the three main ingredients in Kombucha), but it is definitely not Paleo and would never be certified as such.


Nunc is Jun-Kombucha (also known as the Champagne of Kombucha, which is different to Kombucha, as the main ingredients in Jun is water, green tea and raw honey. All of these are Paleo. Despite this, not all Jun-Kombucha can be called Paleo as it depends on what else has been added. In Nunc’s case, it is flavoured with only botanicals (no juices, chemicals, extracts, or any nasties) a technique that would have definitely been available to cavemen. The only sugars in our drink come from the raw honey we use – we do not add Stevia, chemicals, or anything artificial. We proudly say Nunc is all natural.

Even our much loved SCOBY’s have only ever been fed on green tea and raw honey.



We would have our drinks certified as Paleo, if it wasn’t for the rather large fee to do so (we think 3% of revenue is a rather steep fee to pay for the certification). Instead, we’re confident to say Nunc is Paleo friendly, but if you are on the Paleo diet and still not sure then ask yourself these questions:

Can you consume raw honey on your paleo diet? Yes.
Can you consume green tea on your paleo diet? Yes.
Can you consume water on your paleo diet? Yes.
And finally, is it ok to consume a drink on your Paleo diet that has been flavoured by infusing it with botanicals? Yes.

Nunc is a healthy, great for your gut, all natural, super tasty drink that is gluten free, GAPS diet friendly, and Paleo diet friendly. What’s not to like.

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