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Rose Blush wins a Great Taste Award in 2021

We’re so pleased and proud to have been awarded one star in the Great Taste Awards 2021 for our Rose Blush flavour. Last year, when we were just getting Nunc off the ground we decided, almost on a whim to enter our Hops Monster flavour and we were very pleased when it won a Great Taste Award, so this year we decided to enter Rose Blush and are excited to announce it too has won an award.

Great Taste Award for 2021 awarded to Rose Blush

Nunc has been a passion project of ours for a long time. It started from a boredom with the drink offerings available (they were either bland, the same old thing done with an unremarkable twist) or they were mass produced, chemical laden, and absent of any goodness. We decided to create a drink where you were experiencing having a drink and not drinking something for the sake of it. A drink for adults, not a juice or a soda, and we wanted it to be full of goodness, nothing fake, and a great alternative to alcohol.

We believe Nunc delivers all these and more. Nunc is a tasty and refreshing drink, and it is all natural – no chemicals, extracts, or anything artificial. What’s on the label, is in the can, no hidden processes or ingredients.

A big thank you to those of us who have supported us, from friends and family through to the many members of our growing Nunc fam. We would not be here without your support. Thank you from all of us at Nunc.

“A very well balanced kombucha, with each individual flavour discernible across the palate.⁠ This is a beautiful rosé wine colour – what a lovely non-alcoholic alternative. The aromas on the nose are a journey before you even taste this drink: red berry, hibiscus and notes of fermentation. This feels like a very grown up soft drink.”

—- Feedback from the judges in the Great Taste Awards 2021 on our Rose Blush flavour

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