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Hops Monster wins a Great Taste Award in 2020

We’re so pleased and proud to have been awarded one star in the Great Taste Awards 2020 for our Hops Monster flavour. To have our drinks recognised after less than 6 months of production is awesome.

Nunc has been a passion project of ours for a long time. We wanted a drink that we could have at any time, whether that be in the pub or just because, and we would never feel out of place drinking it. We wanted it to be a celebration of taking a moment, let life slow down all around you and just enjoy and celebrate the moment.We wanted it to be adult, not a juice or a soda. We wanted it to champion bees and the honey they produce. We wanted it to be healthy, an alternative to alcohol. And we wanted it to be super tasty. We believe Nunc delivers all these and more.

That said, wanting to do something and actually doing it are two different things. Over the past 9 months (since we made the decision to launch Nunc) we have dealt with so many problems (some obvious and some not so) and we’ve come through. Nunc continues to go from strength to strength, and this award is a sort of validation of our efforts. We’re so pleased.

A big thank you to those of us who have supported us, the many members of our Hive. We would not be here without your support. Thank you from all of us at Nunc.

“Bright and effervescent in the glass. The aroma is hugely inviting… Bright and clean on the palate… The finish is clean, with some length of soft sourness, and inspires further sipping.”

—- Feedback from one of the judges in the Great Taste Awards
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