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Hops Monster: Hops, Ginger, Orange Jun Kombucha

Hops Monster: Hops, Ginger, Orange Jun Kombucha

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Winner of one star in the Great Taste Awards 2020.

Our award winning non-alcoholic Hops Monster is a Jun Kombucha brewed with hops, and bursting with flavour and aroma. It has been fermented in small batches using the finest organic green teas, two types of Hops, organic premium botanicals, and raw honey from within 5 miles of our brewery in Buckingham, Buckinghamshire. Hops Monster is a citrus delight, a great substitute for beer and tastes infinitely better than most non alcoholic beers.

We handcrafted Hops Monster to be crisp, clean, citrusy and immaculately balanced. Perfect for the mindful drinker or those who fancy a healthy version of a beer. Great for your gut health, as well as being refreshing and delicious, and is a tasty alcohol alternative.

Perfect on its own, or on ice.

We couldn't describe it any better than one of the judges of the Good Food Awards 2020:

"Bright and effervescent in the glass. The aroma is hugely inviting... Bright and clean on the palate... The finish is clean, with some length of soft sourness, and inspires further sipping."


Ingredients: Two types of Organic Green Teas, Raw Honey from UK, Jun Culture, Filtered Water, Two types of Hops, Organic Coriander Seeds, Organic Ginger, Organic Orange Peel

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