Nunc is one of best kombucha brands in the UK and is now stocked in Whole Foods Market stores in London

nunc is NOW available in Whole Foods Market store in the UK

An exciting launch for nunc….. ⭐️

We’ve always considered Whole Foods Market to be the connoisseurs of UK Kombucha, so we’re beyond excited to announce you can now grab a can of non-alcoholic nunc from there 🎉

For some time now, Nunc has been growing in popularity and this is reflected in the Whole Foods Market's listing, as it places our drinks alongside the best kombucha brands in the UK, as well as some of the biggest international kombucha brands. At last count, Whole Foods stocked 8 brands of kombucha - 3 international and 5 UK made, and Nunc is one of those five! We're also the only Jun-Kombucha to be stocked by Whole Foods 🙌

It’s been a lot of work by the team, and we're over the moon to finally see our non-alcoholic nuncs in store now 🙌

As the Official Kombucha of Dry January we’re on a mission to spread the word of Kombucha and all natural drinks, and partnering with Whole Foods will help us to make that happen.

If you're wanting to know where to buy Jun Kombucha in London, then pop in to your local Whole Foods store and pick up a can of nunc 🥰

You can purchase our Rose Blush, Mango Buzz and Chilli Cha Cha flavours from Whole Foods Market stores in London now!

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