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Exclusive Edition: Strawberries and Cream Jun Kombucha

Exclusive Edition: Strawberries and Cream Jun Kombucha

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Introducing Strawberries and Cream.

In time for Wimbledon (and the Euros) we have released this exciting new flavour. We love it, and hope you do. This is an all natural taste sensation, made with real and natural ingredients - actual fresh strawberries, Madagascan Vanilla Bean Pods, Apple, and a hint of Dragon Fruit. No chemicals, no extracts, no flavourings, in fact absolutely no shortcuts whatsoever!

We spent hours in the brewery preparing this drink, everything was done by hand - removing the leaves from the strawberries, cutting the strawberries, removing the seeds from the vanilla pods, and the list goes on. But the end result makes it all worth it! 

Please note:

If you don't want to buy 12 or 24 cans of the Exclusive Edition then you can buy a mixed box of our normal flavours, but in the note (special instructions) text box/section of your order mention you would like us to include some cans in your order (just say how many cans you want and we will include) - or you can just email us the details and let us know your order number and to include some in your order.

And don't forget, delivery is included in the price.

We must stress, we brew these Exclusive Editions in extremely limited batches (as few as 200 cans) - so once they're gone, they're gone. And the labels on these cans are made by ourselves on our office printer as it doesn't make financial sense to go to the expense of making up official labels for such a small production run.

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